Spencer Harrison

Howdy, Spencer Harrison here. I'm a designer with a passion for web, design systems, and specifically applications and creation tools that allow the everyhuman to make something beyond their own capabilities.


Paperless Post

2017 - Present

I’m currently a Product Designer for Paperless Post where I am joyously building products that help people gather together in real life.

I joined the team in early 2017 to envision a new product within an established, and revered, online events company. Paperless Post practically invented the e-card and definitely perfected the digital-gold-foiled, high-touch aesthetic that party hosts love and trust for the biggest moments of their lives: weddings, graduations, 50th anniversaries, etc. But we needed to capture more events than just the once-a-decade milesones.

Flyer by Paperless Post was born.

Since launch, I have continued to evolve the invitation creation flow and the host management toolset. Most recently, I was responsible for the design and implementation of our checkout for premium paid features in Flyer.

Morf Studio


Before Paperless Post, I was running a little design operation called Morf Studio in Carrboro, NC with my good pal Alex Bloom. We did contract product design work and made websites for a local bagel place, an anti-establishment bike shop, a cross-country cycling and home-building non-profit, and a clothing retailer in LA.

The Grid


Think Squarespace but with AI robots making smart design decisions for you and churning out a custom website as unique as your content. The promise was huge. Building it was even bigger. I was designing interfaces to simplify advanced engineering layout systems in a way that was stupid simple to use. Working on web-design intelligence lit my passion for creation tools.