Spencer Harrison
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Howdy, I'm Spencer.

Designing things that connect people. Currently freelance. Previously at Paperless Post.

If you're interested in a world where the web is warm, maybe we should work together.

Paperless Post

2017-2020 • Product Design

I joined in early 2017 to envision a new product within an established, and revered, online events company. Paperless Post practically invented the e-card and definitely perfected the digital-gold-foiled, high-touch aesthetic that party hosts love and trust for the biggest moments of their lives. But we wanted to support the album release parties just as well as those once-a-decade milesones. Flyer was born.

Cosmic Concierge

2020 • Sound Design

When Stanton Jones calls, you pick up. “Hello I’m dreaming up this installation of an infinity mirror spinning seat galaxy, like psychadelic teacups and there are chimes installed on the underside of the floating spinning seat that tell your fortune. He had me at ‘hello’…


2020 • Product Design

Midsummer of 2020, I began work on an site redesign for an alcohol beverage innovation company. Covering everything from design of drink collections, to the entire path from discovery to purchase. Almost all of this work has yet to ship to Drinkworks.com.

The Grid

2015 • Product Design

Think Squarespace but with artificially intelligent design robots making decisions for you. I designed editing, creation, and publishing flows. Working on web-design intelligence lit my passion for creation tools.

With This Ring

2016 • Film Score

With This Ring is an independent documentary film By Ameesha Joshi & Anna Sarkissian about the women who make up the Indian national boxing team. It was an honor to compose the score to this footage. You can check out the trailer to watch and hear.